The Orchard

From June to September, you’ll be able to taste our little fruits… a greedy way to stay healthy! Little fruits are full of  Vitamins A, C, E, and are specially rich in elaidic acid and polyphenols that have a protecting action towards free radicals, responsible of a lot of degenerative wonders of our body.

A healthy alimentation based on seasonable fruits and vegetables, not much refined cereals, restricting the use of fat meat, salami, sugar and refined flour, is the best  way to prevent most of  today’s diseases.

Here are some of the characteristics of  the little fruits we cultivate:
  - The blueberry has a beneficial effect on the sight and on the circulation, and has a disinfectant action on the intestine and on the urinary tract.
  - The substances contained in the raspberries have a thirst-quenching action, slightly laxative, anti-gout and anti-rheumatics.
  - The blackcurrant has an oral anti-inflammatory action, and if eaten a lot can be laxative.
  - The redcurrant is recommended for the bones and articulations illnesses (gout, rheumatism…) and for their richness of organics acids and mineral salts.

Our little fruits are cultivated with agronomic techniques using integrated struggle.